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Mission Statement

The development story


​In 2012, a little tinkering in the fur shed led to an obsession with creating the "perfect" device to improve my water line. I needed something that would always be attached to my trap; a device that could stabilize the trap in virtually any position and to any object. In addition to being small and compact, it also needed to perform the duties of today's stake/terminal swivels and slide locks.

The initial problem I was trying to solve stemmed from constantly dropping devices into the water or snow - or even leaving them in the truck - to devices that simply did not provide optimal efficiency. Essentially, I wanted to minimize the need for single-use devices, and make one that was small enough it would always be attached for use whenever needed.

Three years of trial & error and testing throughout the seasons has now become the HAGz® Bracket.

After an exhaustive manufacturing search, we were able to align a mass production process within a US based facility. I am excited to share this product with fellow trappers.​

​To say the HAGz® Bracket design has exceeded all expectations would be an understatement.

Behind the Logo Design


J3 Symbol

The positioning of the J and the 3 represent the locking method of how our HAGz® Brackets and HAGz® Spring Clips lock onto a rod.


HAGz® Logo

The horizontal hashes across each letter and turned down ends represent our flagship product, the HAGz® Bracket.


Logo Merchandise

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